Online Craps Dice Odds and Probabilities

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Online Craps Dice Odds

Every dice score has different combinations of numbers that you can roll in order to reach it. For example, the 3 and the 11 both have two combinations to reach them. The 11 can be reached by rolling 6 and 5, or 5 and then 6. The 5 and 9 on the other hand, have four combinations to reach it.

If you know how many combinations there are to reach a number, you also know what are the chances the next roll will be that same number. This is why it is one of the more basic skills of online craps to learn dice odds and probabilities, even before you even play the game. Players with years experience of online craps playing, still state that they use the same dice probabilities that are listed below. This is not surprising if you consider the importance of dice odds in determining the winners of online craps.

The Dice Score Number of CombinationsExample of Dice ScoreProbability Odds
3two1-25.56 17-1
4three1-38.33 11-1
5four2-311.11 8-1
6five3-313.89 6.2-1
7six2-516.67 5-1
9four6-311.11 8-1
11two6-55.56 17-1

As you can see in the table, playing the 7 has the most combinations of possible rolls. Because each number has a different probability of being rolled, this affects the odds of winning different bets. In a descending order by rank, the 3 most preferred bets are:

The bets you need to avoid making are usually also influenced by the dice score probabilities. These probabilities are low for some numbers, as you can see in the table.

Alberta Paul, Casino Magazine Columnist