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Craps - The Most Exciting Game in the Casino

Craps is known the world over as one of the most exciting games in the casino, and with reason. It is a fast paced, high adrenaline game where people can win millions and lose them in the space of a few minutes. It is a game where there is always a lot of shouting and yelling and cries of joy or tears of sadness.

Why this is so is a subject for much conjecture among seasoned craps players. That craps is among the loudest games in the casino is obvious, why this is so another question entirely. Firstly, craps is a game that requires little or no skill, and for this reason many players are attracted to it. Old and young, experienced gamblers of newbies, everyone loves to play craps.

Secondly, craps may be one of those games that simply demand the social atmosphere. Unlike other games such as Baccarat, where the atmosphere is more reserved and dignified, crpas is a game that demands a lot of yelling and shouting and people play it to have a good time. When you see people standing around the craps table, the atmosphere is never tense or quiet, since everyone stands together around the table and all play together.