Why Play Online Craps and No Other Gambling Games

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Why Play Online Craps?

Craps is the oldest and the most exciting game played in today's online casinos. Here are some reasons why craps has remained so popular through the years:

Online Craps Has the Luckiest Hand

When someone starts winning at online craps, it is hard to stop his success. Especially in this game it is so clear why choosing the right time to play make decide the winners from the losers. We are not just talking about superstition. Research has shown that playing online craps actually benefits from lucky hands over time. When you decide to play at Craps.cd, make sure it's the right time according to your first few hands. Otherwise you can win with someone else's dice roll.

Win Large Sums of Cash in Minutes

Online Craps simplicity of play doesn’t only make it more fun and accessible for players, it makes winning cash prizes much faster. With the stakes raised to figures like 10 to 1, you can win big at online craps in just a few rounds.

A Game Which Remains the Same

Because other games such as poker sometime have skilled players, casinos are changing the rules in their favor, but still online craps remain with the same old rules of play. This way every time you play online craps you know what game you are entering and that you can play it to your advantage.

Be the Person in Charge of Your Bet

In online craps, you are the one who is actually performing the dice throw that will determine the result. This is the only casino game where this option exist. We can only imagine a poker game where you are the one deciding which cards to take from the deck. This means at online craps you are the ruler of your own fate in the game- a huge advantage many players enjoy.

Lowest House Advantage

Online craps offers the lowest house advantage from all the other casino games. This means the chances of this game are the best and is perhaps the most important reason to play online craps. Moreover, a skilled player can lower the house advantage down to less than half of one percent. This means that if you spend 100 dollars in online craps, and you are a serious player, you get the free opportunity to win hundreds of thousands of dollars, and with an insignificant advantage for the casino.

Variety of Play Actions

Online Craps has a lot of ways to bet each dice roll, and this make the game even more enticing and fun. Bet on any combination of dice scores, and do that according to the right method and technique, and you will enjoy yourself as well as make more money.

Enjoy the Company of Others

With online craps you don’t just play the game but you make connections and speak with other people. Because the game is very exciting and involves high risk stakes, this makes people much more conversant and enthusiastic and guarantees the company is interesting.

Online Craps is Easy

If you still haven’t learned how to play online craps, check out our online craps instruction page and get to know the basic rules of the game.

Written By Charles Lipnick 4/2/2006