Online Craps Place Bets Explained

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Making Online Craps Place Bets

To make a place bet is to bet that the shooter will shoot a place bet roll on a specific number, meaning the shooter will first shoot a certain number between 4-10, and then afterwards will shoot the same number again before rolling a 7.

Place Bets - Craps Table

Craps Place bets are made in the online craps game on a specific number to come out twice in the roll before a seven rolls.

Wagering the Place Bet

Making the bet - To wager on a place bet, choose a number from 4-10 and place your bet on it before the game starts.

Placing and removing bets - If you make a place bet, you can take it back at any given time during the game. You can also make the bet itself at any given time during the game.

Coming out even - If you put a wager on a craps place bet of a certain number, lets say 8, and the player shoots 4 and then again shoots 4, you come out with a push, and get you wager back.

Place Bet Payoffs

Each place bet has a different winning ratio.

  • 4/10 dice roll – Pays off at a 9 to 5 ratio, real odds are 2 to 1.
  • 5/9 dice roll – Pays off at a 7 to 5 ratio, real odds are 3 to 2.
  • 6/8 dice roll – Pays off at a 7 to 6 ratio, real odds are 6 to 5.

The best house odds for the benefit of the online craps player are for the 6 and 8 place rolls.

If you choose an online craps place bet, you have to make sure you place your bet according to the dice number ratio. For example, if you bet on the 4, you have to bet at a 5 chip interval so the payoff can be made even. Place bets are one of the options to bet on the craps game. Other options include the pass line bets, the don’t pass bets, the come bets, the don’t come bets and the hardway bets.

Gary Heart, Gambling Expert