Online Craps Pass Line Bet Explained

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The Online Craps Pass Line Bet

In Craps Pass Line Bet you place you chips in the area marked on the craps table as the Pass Line, or Win Line as it is sometimes called, in order to bet that the shooter will win.

Pass Line Bet - Craps Table

After you place a pass line bet and the other player shoots, your bet will depend on the dice score:

  • If the shooter rolls the dice, and the dice roll comes out a natural, meaning a 7 or 11 roll – then the pass line bet wins.
  • If the dice roll comes out craps, meaning 2, 3 or 12 – then the pass line bet loses.
  • If the dice roll comes out a number between 4-10 - then that number becomes the point.
  • If the point is rolled again before 7 is rolled - then the pass line bet wins.

The Pass Line bet is known in craps circles as the most popular bet in online craps. This is because of two reasons. Firstly, for the simple reason that you are betting on one of the players, thus creating a good atmosphere at the table. Secondly, the House advantage in the online craps Pass Line Bet is only 1.41%. This means that for every hundred dollars that you bet, you can expect to lose only $1.41, and you can win thousands!

The craps pass line bet must be made before the shooter has established his point.In other words, either on his first throw of dice, or after he shoots a natural, or when he has made a point and is trying to make another point. If the shooter rolls a Seven or eleven on the first throw, then you win even money. If however, he rolls a craps, that is, two, three or twelve, on the first roll, then you lose.

If the shooter rolls any other number, that number become his point, and he must make that point, before he rolls another seven. If the shooter rolls his point again before the point is made, then you win. If he rolls a seven before that point is made then you lose, and the dice move on to another shooter.

Alberta Paul, Columnist