Craps Rules for Throwing the Dice

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Craps Rules for Throwing the Dice

Throwing the dice is what makes a craps game go. the thing that the whole game revolves around, is the throwing of the dice. As with everything in the casinos, this too is regulated. Craps rules for throwing the dice must be followed, or the throw is considered void. Some stickmen are more forgiving than others, but its important to be aware of the rules.

The rules and regulations determining the throwing the dice in craps go like this:

  • Choose two of the five dice the dealer hands you.
  • Handle the dice with one hand only.
  • Throw hard enough that one of the dice banks off the felt at the end of the table.
  • Don't throw the dice over you shoulder

What concerns dealers the most is that you must throw the dice in a way that does not slow down the game. Since many gamblers like to set the dice, which means that they throw the dice in a way in which they believe that it will fall on the numbers that they wish. This is not considered cheating, but if a dealer sees that you are slowing down the game, then he can legally take the dice away from you and forbid you to play. Of course, you can always play online craps if you don't want to worry about the dice rules.

Alberta Paul, Casino Magazine Columnist