Online Craps Free Odds Bets Explained

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Free Odds Bets In Online Craps

Free odds bets are bets where the house has no edge over the player, so this is the most profitable bet you can make in the game, and any online craps player should get to know about it.

When should you place free odds craps bets? Free odds are bets that are made after your first bet on the pass line was placed, and after the point has been made.

Where to put the free online craps odds bet? The free odds bet is placed behind the pass line. When you're playing an Online Craps game, remember the betting option of odds bet, because most casinos will not make this betting option the most noticeable.

What are the winning odds for free odds in online craps? If you place 10$ on the 10 that was rolled as the point earlier, and the true odds for winning are 2-1, you win 20$ for your bet.

The Dice Score The Odds Against You Your Odds Bet Your Payoff
4/10 2 to 1 60$ 120$
5/9 3 to 2 100$ 150$
6/8 6 to 5 100$ 120$

It is easy to see in the table that the free odds bet is the most profitable bet in online craps, and that the best points for free odds are the 4 or the 10.

Why Odds Bets are Good for You

The greatest advantage for free odds is that the house does not have an edge over you for this bet, meaning the casino doesn't make any profit over you for this bet. If the casinos had only odds bets, they would quickly run out of profits and go broke. Odds bets are one of the biggest advantages of online Craps.

This bet is the only bet, not only for craps but for all casino games, there the odds of winning the bet equal to the payoff. The more money you place on odds bets, the better your chances of gaining a larger profit.

How Much to Wager in Odds Bets

Always make sure you place the right amount of odds bet. It is extremely important that your bet is calculated so the payoff is even. If the point is set on the 5, and the odds are 3 to 2 against you, your bet should be a multiple of 2.

For example, if you place 10$ you will get 15$, but if you bet 5$ you will not get 7.5$, the house only pays you in even numbers. Instead you will get 7$.

Double Odds and Three Unit Bets

Sometime online craps casinos offer you the chance to place a double odds bet after the pass line. If for example you placed a 10$ bet and the point is 6, you can place a double odds bet of 20$.

Another option casinos sometimes allow is the three unit bet. This means that if you bet in three-unit increments (15$, 30$...), you can place odds bets larger than your pass line bet.

Alberta Paul, Columnist