Dennis Kellam Advocates the Game of Craps in Colorado

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Dennis Kellam Advocates the Game of Craps in Colorado

Denis Kellam is an avid craps supporter. To him, the dice game is the best way to spend an hour in the casino facility or away from the confines of casino. Kellam has constructed his own craps table, which he brings to local bars for craps night (without betting real money. Kellam said that craps is considered to be the most sociable casino game. No one not employed in a casino could more happy with the implementation of the new gaming rules in Cripple Creek on July 2nd, 2009 under the Amendment 50.

Casino facilities are counting on the games of craps and roulette, $100 maximum gaming limit and twenty-four hour gambling to change a drop in their fortunes. But craps can be an intimidating casino game especially to those people. MaryAnn Kellam, the wife of Dennis Kellam states that gamers can play for free at their craps table but they are still afraid to come up.

It requires 4 or more individuals to manage a craps table, which is a big expanse of green felt that are covered with digits and different words like Do Not Pass and Pass and other different types of wager. Craps even has its own language and set of superstitions. Kellam said that players should not say "Seven" when the puck is currently on play. When a game is currently ongoing, craps players place chips all over the table and there seems to be a lot of things taking place at once.

Gary Findlay, who helped fix a casino dealer training program at Pikes Peak Community College before the Amendment 50 implement on July 2nd, states that craps is a difficult to understand but once you have learn all of the things that you needed to about the game, it becomes very enjoyable and engaging. Not every casino facility will feature the game of craps becausee of the size of the casino table and the staff need to operate a craps game.

Findlay stated that the standard ratio is 1 craps table per five hundred slot machines. Kellam is worried that casino facilities will not offer craps if not enough players will come to enjoy the game so he and his wife are doing their part to educate interested individuals about craps.


Sophie White