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Craps Dice control

Dice control in craps occurs when the players that shoot the dice are said to influence the resulting dice score. This guide is a continuation of Dice throwing rules, as it broadens your knowledge of dice shooting. There are two types of dice control - intentional and unintentional.

Unintentional dice control

Unintentional dice control is the most common in the casinos. This happens when players, mostly beginners, succeed in rolling the dice in a pattern that seems systematic and not random. This may be the result of a certain throwing pattern they unconsciously use, or as a result of not rolling enough so that the dice roll on the table. This is sometimes the reasons that beginner players are said to have a strange unexplainable beginner's luck.

Intentional dice control

Intentional dice control is a different story, and it didn’t start with the game of Craps. The first use of the dice control strategy occurred in Japan hundreds of years ago, when Japanese gambling parlors used a dice game that had a box that covered the dice. Betting took place for the dice result, and then the dealer would shake the dice with the cover box. Only a small number of people with extraordinary skill were able to develop the hearing skills to notice where the dice stopped.

A different strategy was used for dice control in the game of Craps. Here players develop a hand sensitive enough to throw the dice, so it will stop for the number they bet on. Using this Craps strategy you will be able to win at Craps many more times than before.

The theory behind Craps dice control is that if you grip the dice in the proper way, and toss it at the right angle, it will roll in the same order, and improve your odds of the game.

Dice control can be seen as the skills needed to play pool. Here to you estimate your hit and try to foresee the movement of the Q-ball. Dice control does take much practice, same as pool, but afterwards it can be very rewarding.

Gary Heart, Gambling Expert