Colorado Casinos Prepares To Implement Amendment 50 Changes

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Colorado Casinos Prepares To Implement Amendment 50 Changes

Gamer Sylvia Berrelleza was freely tossing fake casino chips on the roulette table during a casino game class in one of the casino facilities in Colorado on June 16th, 2009. She said that if she was holding real cash, she would have been more cautious in her game.

Beginning July 2nd, 2009, players like Berrelleza will have more opportunities to play roulette as well as the game of craps as Colorado casinos will be allowed to offer those games, increasing their wagering limits and operate for twenty-four hours, seven days a week under the Amendment 50.

State voters approved the changes when they passed Amendment 50 last year. Now some of those casino facilities are teaching their players how to become high-rollers. Berrelleza said that both craps and roulette are interesting games but she prefers roulette because it is very exciting when you do not know where the ball will land. She added that she is learning how to play the game so when the times comes, she can be smarter with her money.

The Gilpin Casino and the Lodge Casino are among the gaming facilities in Black Hawk that are teaching craps and roulette to their players. Ed Weisel, director of Colorado Table Games for the two casino facilities said that people are usually intimidated and wary of new games. He added that they like them to have an opportunity to learn craps and roulette and see if they like it. The casino facilities say that expanded gambling would not make Colorado into a Las Vegas strip.

Casino officials said that they offer numerous resources to help gamers enjoy casino games responsibly and not get carried away. Weisel said that they personally ask players if they are having trouble with the games and if they feel that they are becoming addicted, they provide help to them immediately.

Still, the casinos, like any other kind of business, are hoping that more games will lead to more profits that will help them stay competitive despite the financial crisis.

Gamers must keep in mind that just as with the casino table games; the house always has the advantage. In the game of roulette, it is about 5%. For the game of craps, the casino edge can be as much as 17% depending on the type of wager that you will choose.


David M. Bedingfield