Central City Okays Amendment 50 Changes

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Central City Okays Amendment 50 Changes

On January 20th, 2009, the gaming town of Central City became the 3rd and final gaming town in Colorado to expand its existing gaming offering. By a vote of 212 in favor of the Amendment 50 against 16 not in favor of the Amendment 50, with around 9 provisional votes to be considered on Wednesday, majority of voters agreed to expand the present maximum wager of $5 allowed in casino facilities to $100, allow the addition of well-loved casino games of craps and roulette and twenty-four hours a day gambling.

The Amendment 50, approved by the Colorado state voters last year, permitted the three Colorado gaming town to decide for themselves on whether to raise the stakes. The state law suggests that changes can only take effect after July 1st, 2009. The decision comes as revenues from casino gambling have been on the slide.

Colorado's community colleges will get more than three-quarters of the gaming tax revenue to spend on financial aid and classroom instruction. Supporters of the Amendment 50 firmly believe that the propose changes under the Amendment 50 will bring more good than bad especially with the tough financial situation because of the worldwide financial crisis.


John O'Haver