Central City Gives Greenlight to Amendment 50 Changes

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Central City Gives Greenlight to Amendment 50 Changes

On January 20th, 2009, this Colorado gaming town became the 3rd and final former mining town, aside from Cripple Creek and Black Hawk City in the state of Colorado to expand gaming activities and adopt the changes that are under the Amendment 50.

By a vote of two hundred twelve against sixteen, with about nine provisional votes to be counted today, the Central City residents agreed to allow their casinos to expand the betting minimum from $5 to $100, permit the inclusion of craps and roulette to the gambling line-up and open for twenty-four hours a day. But casinos are still required to follow the existing liquor law even if they will decide on using the newly approved changes.

Amendment 50, approved by the Colorado state voters last year, permitted the gaming towns to vote on whether to raise the stakes or not. The changes will take effect after July 1st, 2009, according to the existing state law. The Central City decision comes as revenues from gaming have been on the decline. Colorado's community colleges with get more than three-quarters of the new gambling tax revenue.

The community colleges can spend the additional funding on financial aid and classroom instruction. Colorado's other two gaming towns, Cripple Creek and Black Hawk, previously approved gaming expansion in a wide margin.


Peter McCarthy