The Card Craps Game of the Red Hawk Casino

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The Card Craps Game of the Red Hawk Casino

Rolling a dice on a felt-table accompanied by a huge cheering crowd has long been a well-loved game in huge casino facilities. But the game of craps, which the dice decides the result of the game, and roulette are prohibited in the state of California.

In 2004, the California Division of Gambling Control, which has some regulatory power over Indian casino facilities, said that card craps and roulette are the only form of the games that are permitted in California casinos. Some of the bigger clubs in California have created their own variation of card craps.

Gamers at the Red Hawk Casino, which is located off state Highway 50 near Placerville, will find an additional bonus on its pair of card craps tables. Just as some poker game variations, like three-card poker, feature a bonus wager, Red Hawk Casino's card craps has a bonus feature.

Red Hawk's vice president of gaming operations, Peter Nairn, said on May 28th, 2010, that he started as a dealer in the game of craps. He said that he was skeptical about the merits of the game at first but now he genuinely loves the game. Here is how card craps is played at the Red Hawk Casino: Six decks of forty-eight cards are utilized or 288 cards in all, placed in a shuffling machine.

The cards are marked from one (ace card) to six, to imitate the count on the craps dice. They are thoroughly shuffled to make sire that the percentages are always right. In a Nevada casino facility, the craps shooter can choose two of five craps dice.

At Red Hawk casino, the craps shooter informs the stickman (one of the four casino employees at the craps table) to "set aside" from none to three cards out from the shuffler.

Nairn said that this decision-to discard a few cards-gives the craps shooter some degree of control over which cards are played, so the craps shooter has an effect on the outcome, just as if the craps shooter was picking and rolling the dice.

After burning the cards, the pair of cards are dealt by the dealer to decide the number. The game proceeds as in a standard craps game. Nairn said that for traditional dice gamers, once they try it, they said that it is an excellent game. He added that it is the same as a traditional craps game; it only has a faster game pace.


News Released: 2010-07-29
John O'Haver