Bronco's Billy Conducts Craps and Roulette Classes for Prospective Casino Employees

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Bronco's Billy Conducts Craps and Roulette Classes for Prospective Casino Employees

On April 15th, 2009, being a craps game croupier is not as easy as it might look. Which is why a group of aspiring casino croupiers, who hope to get a job when Cripple Creek casino facilities started offering craps and roulette, were busy learning the tricks of the business this week. Lou Gutierrez, who will manage the new casino table games at Bronco's Billy's, Cripple Creek's biggest casino said that operating a roulette wheel is not as complicated as the game of craps. He added that roulette is only a four week class but craps is more difficult and it requires participants to attend a twelve week course.

Bronco's Billy co-owner Mike Chaput said that the characteristics that they look in all of their employees are outstanding presentation, an engaging smile and a player-centric attitude as well as technical skills. Chaput said that that they gave all of their prospective applicants a math test-around twenty questions, which are not that difficult. To qualify, prospective applicants must get at least fifteen. Once applicants pass the screening process, they need to study the complex rituals of the game.

Gutierrez, who polished his skills in Las Vegas, Nevada, stated that although being a craps croupier is a learned skill, you cannot effectively do it unless you do not have certain qualities. Gutierrez said that a person has to possess a twenty-twenty vision, excellent peripheral vision and hand-eye coordination and overall gaming table awareness. Gutierrez added that managing a craps table cannot be compared to a blackjack dealer or managing a roulette table, where you are the boss and it is your own table.

In the game of craps, it is a team effort. The box men arrange chip with one hand and give payouts with the other hand, during the class, which is held in a nondescript facility just in the western part of the casino row, participants arrange chips on practice craps table.


Sophie White