Brian Miller Testifies in Casino Craps Cheating Scandal Against Richard Taylor

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Brian Miller Testifies in Casino Craps Cheating Scandal Against Richard Taylor

On May 18th, 2009, another individual in the group of Foxwoods casino dealers admitted to their part in a craps cheating scandal and the state rested its case in the lawsuit against Richard Taylor, the man from Memphis, Tennessee accused as the leader of the scam. Taking the witness stand before the New London Superior Court, ex Foxwoods craps casino dealer Brian Miller, 41 year-old, explained how he paid late wagers to 43 year-old Taylor and a group of co-conspirators in exchange for a part of the winnings.

Miller first encountered Taylor in 2001 while working in the "Club Newport" craps tables for VIPs at Foxwoods Casino. Miller said that after winning $10,000 on behalf of the craps dealers at the table, Taylor agreed to meet later with the dealers at the Dunkin Donuts in Preston for payment. But it was not Taylor who met them but a young, black lady who handed Miller an envelop containing $10,000 in cash. He then distributed $1,500 to other dealers and kept the rest for himself.

He said that he had several one-on-one meetings with Richard Taylor to receive payments outside of the casino facility. Miller said that he thought about stopping a lot of times because he feels that it is getting out of control and he did not want to be caught. Miller was among a dozen of individuals apprehended with the scandal.

Dealers were permitting players to call out wager and place down their chips on the table after the dice had been tossed. State prosecutor Stephen Carney is trying to prove Taylor mastermind the whole thing. The jury got a first-hand experience at the game when Carney set up a table in the courtroom and let a craps expert explain the game.


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