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Craps Strategies

Craps is one of the most lively and exuberant of all the casino games. It is a game in which it is possible, the the table is “hot” to win thousands of dollars in a few short throws of the dice. It is also a game that is enjoyed by many since the house edge is among the lowest in the casino. There are a few strategies that help you lower the house edge even further. Although the casino will always have a certain advantage over you, it is possible to lower even this low house edge in craps so that it is lower than one per cent.

First thing to remember when playing craps is to begin with a sufficient amount of money and to play aggressively. Begin the game with an amount of money that you feel comfortable with and can afford to lose. Craps is one of those games where you must play aggressively to win, but not so aggressively that you lose all your money in a single round. This is important if you want to stay in the craps game sufficient time to make a profit. And, of course, it is important to remember when to leave the game, both as a winner and as a loser.