Craps News Archive | 10-2009

Craps News Archive | 10-2006

Colorado Gaming Facilities Enjoys Increase in Earnings Due to Addition of Craps and Roulette

The table games industry in Colorado enjoyed an 111% improvement in their earning because of craps and roulette. State voters approved the new gaming changes under Amendment 50 last November 2008.

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Colorado Regulators Revises Gambling-Tax Revenue Outlook for the First Year of Gaming Changes

Regulators in Colorado downgraded tax revenue expectations for the 1st full year of gaming changes in the state. Director Ron Kammerzell said that is becaus of the effects of the financial crisis.

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Colorado Gaming Earnings Improves as Expected Increase in Problem Gaming Fails to Happen

The gaming earnings in Colorado improved after the July 2nd, 2009 of Amendment 50. The expected increase in gaming-related problems in Colorado also failed to happen.

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Colorado Tax Gaming Revenues To Increase Slightly for Amendment 50's 1st Year of Implementation

Gaming regulators predicted a slight tax revenue improvement from the 1st year of Amendment 50 changes. Ron Kammerzell said that the change is due to the ongoing economic problems.

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