World Craps Championships Comes to Las Vegas

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World Craps Championships Comes to Las Vegas

The World Craps Championship (WCC), sponsored by the Golden Touch craps (GTC), will be held July 22 and 23 in Las Vegas, Nevada with more than 100 players expected to participate.

The tournament, which will be hosted by best-selling author of gambling Frank Scoblete, will be participated in by ordinary people and celebrities. The GTC control instructors will also participate but in exhibition matches.

Some of the celebrities participating are: Jean Scott, writer; John Grochowski, radio host; Bill Burton, columnist; Dr. Don Catlin, gaming mathematician; Linda Mabry, columnist; Richard Armstrong, writer and Barry Sigismondi, actor. The GTC instructors who will figure in individual challenges against each other are: Dominator, Strikeman, Rock n' Roll, Mr. Finesse, Billy the Kid, Street Dog and Pit Boss.

The different World Championship Matches includes the Come-Out Championship; the Hard Way, the Ultimate Crapshooter, the 6 and 8, and the 4 and 10. The No Sevens, Make your Point, On the Hop, and In the Field are other championship matches lined up for the tournament. The Tournament of Champions on July 23 is considered as the main attraction. This will pit the winners and the first runners up of all contests against each other.

The winners for the two-day tournament will take home trophies, plaques and cash prize.

GTC pegged the tournament fee at $395 which includes the buffet dinner on the awards night. An additional $30 will be charged for a companion.


Sophie White