Wildwood Casino Prepares for the Game of Craps and Roulette

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Wildwood Casino Prepares for the Game of Craps and Roulette

On January 29th, 2009, Cripple Creek's very first craps casino gambling table did not possess an option for betting but that will not stop the players from trying out the game. The gaming changes, appropriately named Amendment 50, which the voters in Colorado already ratified on November 4th, 2008, allows Colorado casino's, allows the three gambling towns in Colorado to change their existing betting limits, open for twenty-four hours and host craps and roulette games to their gaming floor.

The changes will only be allowed to take place after July 1st, 2009 but the Wildwood gaming facility in the gaming town of Cripple Creek is already preparing itself to take advantage of the changes. The general manager of the Wildwood Casino Kevin Werner already purchase a craps and roulette table even before the Cripple Creek voters allowed the changes and this week, began training their newly hired dealers to manage the new games.

Each new casino dealer will receive 100 hours of training on the casino game of craps and on March 2009, General Manager Werner plans to fully permit players to participate in a craps game by throwing the dice themselves-although there will be not betting allowed until July 2009. That will give craps enthusiasts an ample amount of time to study and practice the rules of craps, in which participants place numerous bets on the result of the dice roll. Werner stated that there are a lot of casino enthusiasts in Colorado who do not have any chance to play craps or even the game of roulette.

While the Wildwood gaming facility is the first casino to adopt the changes, most Cripple Creek gaming facilities are hoping for better results from the propose gaming changes. Casino profits from all over Colorado drop by 12.3 percent last year-the only time that casino profits has slide down since casino gaming in Colorado was approved in 1991. With the worsening global economic condition, 2009 was not shaping up to be a great year, but the changes bring some degree of optimism to the gambling industry in Colorado.

Aside from the Wildwood casino, the Colorado Grande Casino is already fixing their gaming area in order to hold more casino games like craps and roulette, according to the Colorado Grande Casino's General Manager Eric Rose. Kevin Werner said that in reality, what will really boost the gambling industry is an improving global economy. Werner said that although it is not a sure that offering craps and roulette will improve their profits, they want their customers to experience the joy of playing one of the most exciting casino games.


Peter McCarthy