Tamburin Sets New Record for No Seven Contest

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Tamburin Sets New Record for No Seven Contest

A best-selling gambling author, editor and black jack expert set an all-time record number of rolls in the No Sevens Contest of the last Golden Touch Craps (GTC) Dice Control Course.

Henry Tamburin of BJ Insider Newsletter rolled 45 numbers before getting the number 7. This is six rolls more than the GTC record of 39 rolls set by Arman "Pit" Boss. It is however still 11 rolls short of the Dominator's in-Casino record of 56 rolls. His 45 now stands as the official all-time high for GTC's No Seven.

Tamburin, who has seen the earning potentials in dice control, could not have made history if his wife Linda did not let him join in the last GTC Dice Control Course. There were 50 students of the Tunisa, Mississippi dice class and he shstood out amongst the students by displaying the best throw. But this did not come easy.

Tamburin had a problem at the start of the course with his grip. His fingers always split apart every time he moves his thumb inside his palm. This is not good for a three-fingered dice control grip. And although painful, he practiced until he was able to display good throws. His efforts paid off with 45 rolls record for the No Seven Contest.

The No Seven Contest is Golden Touch craps way of culminating a craps dice control course and all participants can join the contest. The object of this is rolling the dice until the seven comes up. The rolls each contestant makes are counted and whoever has the most number of rolls before the number seven appears wins. He then took home a plaque and cash prize.


John O'Haver