South Dakota Studies the Possibility of Full Blown Casino Gaming

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South Dakota Studies the Possibility of Full Blown Casino Gaming

The casino gaming industry in the United States is growing steadily and if it continues at this pace, it may not be too long before full-scale casino gaming is the standard norm all over the country. The latest US state to consider the merits of gaming expansion is South Dakota. Casino facilities in Colorado won the chance to offer full-scale casino gaming in the referendum last November 2008.

The casino facilities were permitted to add the games of craps and roulette to their gaming line up and it has inspired the state of South Dakota to review their gaming laws. Currently, the gaming law in South Dakota only permits card games and slot machines. That may change in the future with the growing gaming competition in the neighboring states of South Dakota.

Bigger wagering limits may also be on the plan of casino facilities in South Dakota. Casino Gambling Analyst Steve Schwartz said that casinos are beginning to realize that in order for them to compete effectively and on even ground with other states when it comes to what they can give their players. The need for gaming expansion due to growing competition is nothing new and is a normal occurrence across the United States.

Casino facilities in Pennsylvania and Connecticut have improved their gaming offering in the hopes that they can get what is left of the casino industry in Atlantic City. In the state of Florida, the Seminole Indian tribe is trying to negotiate a gaming compact with state officials that would permit them to offer card games at their casinos. That is seen by gaming analysts as a first towards full-blown casino gaming in Florida.

As for the state of South Dakota, legislators believe that it is still early to begin discussing the chance that law changes may be in the works next year. But South Dakota officials acknowledge that changes on the gaming law are inevitable.


John O'Haver