Rogus River Community Center Holds Casino Night To Raise Needed Funds

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Rogus River Community Center Holds Casino Night To Raise Needed Funds

As the grant deadline fast approaches Community Center leaders at Rogue River are betting on gambling fever and local generosity to raise funds.

Susan Smith, the center's director said that the center's cash and in-kind donations' matching-funds tally will be turned over to representatives of the Oregon Housing and Community Services on September 11, just three days after the "Casino Night."

The Center will hold a gambling party on September 9 to be organized by Member Janet Chapman. "I've done eight of these before" she said. "They're usually very successful and a lot of fun."

Admission costs $15, which entitles the participants to receive a $1,000 funny money and a plate of hors d'oeuvres. Funny money will be used to wager on gambling tables such as craps, blackjack and poker.

Winners can use their "cash" to vie for jewelry, gifts and vouchers to restaurants and coffee shops at the end of the evening. Also, according to Smith, a special prize also awaits the gambler who wants to really cash in.

According to Smith, the grant will enable the staff to make needed repairs to the aged center, even as they work toward their ultimate goal in building a new center. The more money raised, the more repairs and renovations can be done.

Smith said that they really want to build a new community center. "This one is old and worn out, but we're not going to be able to build one right away, so we'd like to do some repairs," she said.

Fixing dilapidated porches, installing heat and air conditioning in the main office, installing energy-efficient lighting, adding a dishwasher and repairing severely cracked floors in the kitchen, are included on Smith's list of repairs.


David M. Bedingfield