Red Hawk Casinos Own Variation of the Game of Craps

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Red Hawk Casinos Own Variation of the Game of Craps

Throwing a dice on a craps table accompanied by a huge cheering crowd of craps enthusiasts has long been a usual sight in big casinos. But craps, where the dice plays a big role on the game's result, and roulette are not allowed under the existing gaming laws of California.

Six years ago, the Division of Gambling Control in California, which has some degree of control over tribal casinos, said that card roulette and craps are the only variation of the casino table games that are allowed to be played in casinos in California. Some of the clubs in the state have conceptualized their own version of card craps.

Players at Red Hawk Casino, which can be found off state Highway fifty near Placerville, will enjoy an additional bonus on the tables. Like any other variations of poker, it also offers a bonus bet to player. Peter Nairn, Red Hawk Casino's vice president of gambling operations, Peter Nairn, stated on May 28th, 2010, that before reaching his present position, he started as a craps dealer.

Nairn said that he was not convinced about the merits of craps at first but now he fully believes in the game. The card craps game at the Red Hawk Casino has six decks of 48 cards that are in used or a total of 288 cards that are feed into a shuffling machine. The craps cards are arranged from one to six, to mirror the count on the dice.

They are shuffled to make sure that they are right. In a casino facility in Las Vegas, the shooter can pick two out of five dice. At the Red Hawk casino facility, the shooter must inform the stickman to get a maximum of three cards from the automatic shuffler.

Nairn said that this rule that allows a few cards to be discarded gives the shooter some control over the cards, so the shooter has some influence on the result just as if the shooter was the one throwing the dice. After setting aside the cards, the pair of cards are given by the craps dealer to determine the number.


David M. Bedingfield,