Casino Craps VS Online Craps

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Online Craps vs. Casino Craps

The technological advancements of the past few years have changed the way we do many things, foremost among them is gambling. Today you can play all the casino games that you know and love from the comfort and privacy of your own home, whether you are interested in games like poker, blackjack or slots. However, there are other games that are vastly different from all others, and such a game is craps.

Craps is different from other games in the casino because it is not a game in which you can foresee the result with any accuracy, at least not enough to write a computer program that would accurately simulate the element of chance that is present in any game of craps. That is, up until now. Today, craps is gaining momentum in the online casinos, as the technology that supports it is getting better and better. however, there are still a few differences between craps of the kind that you play in the casino and in the online casinos.

Firstly, there is the interaction, surroundings and sound effects. The online casinos strive to provide you with as authentic an atmosphere as they can, and craps is no exception. However, there is no doubt that even the greatest computer software cannot compare to the casino itself, with all the hubbub and noise in the background. However, if your main interest lies with playing craps, then all that should not matter. If, on the other side, you want to experience the excitement and fun that is, for some, an integral part of the casino, then maybe online craps is not for you.

Next we come to the actual game playing itself. Here, too, there are some difference between the casinos and the online casinos. When you enter any land based casino, then chances are that you will have to bet on every craps game that you play. This makes sense in that surrounding, since the casinos cannot be expected to provide a craps table, or any other for that matter, that generates no revenue. However, in the virtual space of the online casinos, this is possible, and in fact, most do provide it. Some people stay with the free games, while others practice until they understand it better, and then start to play for real money.

As for the craps game play itself, there is little difference between the casinos and the online versions. The rules are more or less the same, but the interaction between the craps players is somewhat different, if there is any at all. Another difference is that while casino craps is a very hands-on game, i.e., you throw the dice yourself, in the online casinos all is regulated by the random number generator. When you decide that the online casinos are your choice, then it is important that you find a good and respected one, since the equivalent of fixing the dice exists in some casinos, and the results are the same. You get duped. Written by Sharpe Regence, 28.10.05