MonkeyBet.Com Launches Online Craps Tournament

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MonkeyBet.Com Launches Online Craps Tournament, a fast-rising online gambling destination introduced to the market Crazy craps, a weekly online craps tournament beginning July 12th. This new craps contest will be held every Wednesday starting at eleven in the morning eastern time and will end at eleven in the evening. Players can join the games from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. on the day of play.

In Crazy Craps, a player is given up to 500 rolls to win the biggest prize for the week. He has an option of stopping play if he thinks that he has the most amount of money after, for example, 30 rolls.

Crazy Craps is similar in nature to other online tournament sponsored by and like the other online games, it is anticipated to attract a considerable number of bettors.

For Crazy Craps, the top three players for each week will split the cummulative pot generated from the registration fee of $10 from all players who will be joining the tournament. The amount of prizes therefore will vary each week. From the cummulative amount, the first place will receive the 50% of the total pot; the second place will get 30% of the total and 20% will be given to the third place winner.

With a minimal amount of $10 to join, online gamblers will be given a great chance of winning big because thousands of players are expected to join each week.

Jeff Fuller, SVP for Business Development said that even though they are new, they are elated to be considered as one of the leaders in online gambling and that this craps tournament will eventually make them as everyone's online gambling destination.


Peter McCarthy