Judge Susan B. Handy Grants Richard "Mr. Casino" Taylors Request for a Speedy Trial

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Judge Susan B. Handy Grants Richard "Mr. Casino" Taylors Request for a Speedy Trial

A New London Superior Court granted convicted craps cheating ring leader Richard "Mr. Casino" Taylor's petition for a speedy trial on August 10th, 2009 but denied his attorney's request to drop him as a client.

Attorney Ralph U. Bergman, who represented the convicted Taylor at his recent craps cheating scam trial, cited irreconcilable differences in his request to withdraw from the case. New London Judge Susan B. Handy denied Bergman's request. Taylor was sentenced to ten years in prison for his participation as the leader in a craps cheating ring involving a dozen casino dealers, mostly at the Foxwoods Resort Casino.

Taylor has still multiple charges pending against him, including 1st degree larceny, in connection with charges that he cheated at a craps casino table game with a casino dealer at the Mohegan Sun casino. A speedy trial motion will force state prosecutors, with few exceptions, to begin a trial within a month.

Taylor is due back in court on August 24th, 2009. State police said that Taylor received a total of $11,500 in payout from 4 late wagers while playing at a craps table in January 2008. As "Mr. Casino" prepares for another trial, casino dealers charged with permitting late wagers for Taylor and accepting payoffs in return are beginning to settle their cases.

Thirty-one year-old former Foxwoods casino dealer Chandler Alfred was sentenced to probation. Mattie Tarlton, another former Foxwoods casino dealer, applied for acceptance into the accelerated rehabilitation program for first time offenders. She is due back in court on August 31st, 2009.


Sophie White