Online Craps Rules - Learn How To Play Craps

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Online Craps Rules - Learn How To Play Craps

If you want to learn how to play craps, you'll have to learn a few basic rules. There are more complex bets but most of them are not advised and are designed to trick the beginning player into bets with a terrible house advantage.

The casino craps game is a game played on a special table with two dice. According to official Craps rules, up to 16 players can play a craps game at one time.

The shooter is the player that rolls the dice. Once a round of craps is over, the dice are passed to another player. According to the rules, there are special regulations regarding the dice.

The first bet is done by the shooter who places the bet either on the "pass" or the "don't pass" boxes. This is required to roll the dice. The "craps" roll is a roll of 2, 3, or 12, and automatically loses a "pass" bet. A seven or 11 is a "natural" and automatically wins a "pass" bet.

According to the official rules on how to play craps, play continues if the result is not craps. The number that was rolled: a 4,5,6,8,9,10 or 12 becomes the "point." According to online craps rules and official casino craps rules, play continues until the shooter gets a seven or the point number.

Beginning Rounds

At the start of every craps round, the players place the initial bets. This is the only place where the pass and don't pass lines are bet upon.

The craps player now throws the first dice roll. This is called the "come out". If the outcome of the roll is - 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12 , then one of these wagers win. After the bet wins, then that round of craps is done.

When the dice roll is a "place" roll, meaning numbers ranging from 4 till 10, then the "on" button is lighted, stating that someone has rolled the "point" already.

The Pass line and the Don’t Pass Line

If you learn how to play craps, you'll find these are the most important bets:

According to online craps rules and official rules on how to play craps, each time the pass line bets win, then the don't pass loses. Conversely, when the don't pass wins, the pass line bets lose.

If you have just starting to learn how to play craps, and still are a bit confused , don't worry. Even if you don't understand every bit you can still play and soon enough you'll understand the game flow.

After some practice rounds you'll see you'll get the hang of it with no extra help. It may not hurt toplay free online craps a few rounds to see what's going on.

How the Craps Game is Played

The first roll made by the shooter at the start of the game is called the "come-out roll".

If the come-out roll that turns up is 7 or 11, then bets played on the "Pass line" win 1:1. Bets on the "Don't Pass line" will lose. This also means the game is over and a new shooter is assigned.

If the come-out roll you get is craps, meaning 2, 3 or 12, then bets on the "Pass line" lose. In this case the game is also over and a new shooter arrives.

The players who bet on the "Don't Pass line" will win. if The "Don't Pass" line is put on the "Bar", then the bet neither wins not losses but comes back to the player.

If any other dice score comes out, meaning 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, then the "point" is set on the new resulting dice score. This will be now the reference for the following rounds as "the point".

After the first come-out roll, the player rolls the dice again and the game is played according to the dice score:

If The roll is the point, then the game ends and a new shooter arrives. The betting made on the "Pass line" will be at even odds and will return a prize in the equal sum as the bet. The Betting place on the "Don't Pass line" loses for this score.

If the dice roll is seven, then that game ends and the shooter switches. Betting placed on the "Pass line" will lose. The players placing their Bet on the "Don't Pass line" win an equal amount as they put in.

If the dice roll is not the point rolled earlier and not a seven, then game moves on and the same shooter rolls the dice another time.

The "hitting the point" stage is the last stage of the craps game. This is when the player, rolling the dice, shoots until the point score is reached again or till the seven is rolled.

If the seven is rolled, then the bet made on the "don't pass" line wins. If the point is rolled instead, then the betting made on the pass line wins. The shooter will shoot the dice until the seven or the point are rolled. Betting in this stage is also permitted according to official craps rules.

Changing Bets During the Game

Casino and online craps rules specifically imply, after someone place a pass line bet, that player cannot take it back after the roll was made. The player can of course decide to add to the pass or line a bet on the Don't Pass.

The bets made on the Don't pass line can be lowered or taken back entirely, a player can't choose to increase on the initial bet. This is to prevent players from having an edge and changing their betting according to the outcome of the rolls.

When you finish the game after one come out roll, or when you roll the point twice, the dice are passed clockwise to the next player.

Other Craps Bets

There are many other bets that can be made in the course of crap other than the pass line. Players can bet on every roll of the dice, if they wish. These bets simply don't affect the rounds themselves. If you really want to learn how to play craps, then you should learn about these other bets as well and not only the basic online craps rules, but most importantly, which ones have a house edge of less than 3%, because they have the most likely chance of paying off.

Alberta Paul, Columnist