Different Available Jobs at Four Winds Casino

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Different Available Jobs at Four Winds Casino

With the opening of the Four Winds Casino facility in New Buffalo on August 2, 2007, on June 8th, the casino announced that they are looking for competent people to become employees for their casino. That gives the casino only 2 months to employ around 2,500 people.

Currently, the casino employs 600 people and they still have 11,000 applications to review. Mark Harness, the General Manager of the Four Winds Casino, said that it's the people who possess outstanding customer skill, good attitude and look forward to joining the team of the Four Winds Casino that do the best job.

Harkness knows a little bit about "rank and file" jobs. Harkness said that he started out as a craps dealer in 1979 and worked his way up through the casino industry to become the General Manager. Indeed, craps dealer is one of the available positions at the casino and is certainly a great choice for those who love craps games.

So there are really a lot of possibilities for people who want to move up in life, he added.

One of the people who has applied for a job at the Four Winds Casino is John Lianez. Aside from looking for a job, his wife is a member of the Potawatomi Indian Tribe which owns the land that the Four Winds Casino is built on.


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