Cripple Creek Prepares for July 1st Gaming Expansion

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Cripple Creek Prepares for July 1st Gaming Expansion

As casino facilities in Cripple Creek prepare for important gaming changes, unemployed individuals are finding numerous employment opportunities.

On July 1st, 2009 at midnight, the existing state law that was approved by state voters back in December 2008 will allow casino facilities to operate for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week with bigger cash limits and brand new casino games.

Prospective casino employees are also spending long hours learning the game of craps and roulette. The city of Cripple Creek is hiring five-six additional police officers to help maintain the peace and safety of the area especially with the expected influx of additional visitors.

Casino owners said that despite the financial crisis, they been able to experience moderate growth and expanding gaming facilities as well as hiring in twenty percent more employees.

Cripple Creek is also preparing for the expected community-wide growth in business establishments. Currently, there are 1100 residents, one hundred twenty-five city employees, 3500 casino employees and around 3,000,000 tourists visit Cripple Creek annually.

City officials expect at least a ten percent improvement in their customers and revenue with improved hours of operations and jackpots and are anticipating a historic period of growth for Cripple Creek.


John O'Haver