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Craps Table Layout

What people seem to remember most about the game of craps is the yelling, the fun and the great money that they win. However, what many people fail to remember is the craps table itself, since it is all part of the background is is usually not the thing that people notice immediately.

The craps table is not just any old table. It is a table designed specifically to accommodate the game. It is a large table, with a green top and with high raised sides on either part of it. These sides are covered with beveled foam in order to ensure that the throws will be random. This is especially important, since in the craps table if there is the least suspicion that the dice are not thrown randomly, then there is a chance that the whole game is suspended and the dice and table are changed.

However, all this makes no difference in the end, since it all a matter of conjecture. Obviously the craps table is not usually changed, only the dice are, and as such the craps table is usually not replaced other than through the wear and tear of normal use. This is the nature of the craps table.