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When you decide to play craps, you probably already know that it is one of the most popular games in the casino, and that it is also a game that is both entertaining and exciting. However, one thing that many people do not know is that it is a game that is based wholly on chance, and that there is no possible way to foresee beforehand how the dice will fall. In a craps simulator, where the dice were thrown many times in a controlled situation, it was agreed that there is not way to see beforehand how the dice will fall, since craps is not a game of probability. No throw of the dice has any bearing on the next throw of the dice.

Whatever the caps simulator says, there are a few things that you should remember before you go into the casino in order to play craps. Firstly, you should always remember that the key to success in craps is staying at the game the longest. When you get to play the game, the make sure that you bets are small and that you do not over stay your game. When you begin losing, then chances are that you are at the beginning of a losing streak. Do not play until it passes, since then you will lose a lot more money than you had originally intended.

Story From Sally Redding 27/6 2005