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Craps differs from roulette

craps, in sharp contrast to roulette, is a loud, rambunctious game full of excitement and adrenaline. It is a fast game, one that has been featured in many television movies. The famous Phrase “Momma needs a new fur coat” is perhaps the most famous of all the craps catch phrases. However, craps isn't only for the high rollers and the big betters.

Craps is a game that is regulated by the casino. It has great a large number of tables that cater to all kinds of tastes. There are the high roller tables that have low table minimums, that allow the average Joe to play to his hearts' content. Then, there are the tables that have the high minimums and are reserved for the regulars of the casinos and for those who have a high credit rating.

Craps is a loud game, and a very social one. There are always many people around the craqps table, either the players or just people who are just there to watch. There are always people shouting and laughing, and of course, there are those who cry or mutter at their lost wagers.