The Craps for Cash Promotion of the Grand Victoria Casino

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The Craps for Cash Promotion of the Grand Victoria Casino

On December 25th, 2008, when the Grand Victoria Casino facility launched something named "craps for Cash" program at its gambling tables back on August 5th, 2003, a lot of casino enthusiasts in the Chicago thought that it was just another casino gaming promotion. Over the next few years, around 442 winners and a total of $1,768,000 million dollars in monetary prizes were given to players, it is value as the best promotion on casino table games in the gaming industry in Chicago has ever experienced.

The main goal of the Craps for Cash promotion is for the player to achieve all points (four, five, six, eight, nine and ten) on one hand with accomplishing a seven out. The craps player will then receive a bonus of $4,000 dollars in cash if they are able to accomplish six points. The craps game do not have no cash and side wager, no buy-in costs, special times and day or even high-roller restrictions.

Craps for Cash is a casino game that can be considered no strings-attached for any player. The shooter only need to make a pass line bet in a small amount. It is not that simple, as any craps player will find out, but it is done in casino establishments in the U.S. everyday. Craps players will usually be given a significant amount of gaming chips on a good streak but only the Grand Victoria Casino facility will give an excellent crapshooter good winnings aside from the bonus of four thousand dollars.

Around seven craps players already acquired the $4,000 dollars additional cash. It also adds a unique feature to the game, which would further improve the game aside from a hot streak. When the shooter only needs a single point to win, you can literally felt the tension around the table. The casino games supervisors at the Grand Victoria Casino have all seen Craps for Cash winners achieve 10 to 12 passes of the dice to achieve all six points to receive the $4,000 bonus aside from the money achieved during the hot streak.

At the other end, there is a game winner who made all of the needed points in just 14 minutes. Another winner finished the task in an hour, accomplishing every point except 8, some numerous time but the total winnings of the player and other players on the craps table were quite appropriate. Gambling math expert Mike Shackleford or better known as "The Wizard of Odds" studied the Grand Victoria promotion and determines that it can give craps players an advantage in the game. Shackleford said that the opportunity of making all of the points is 1:6156, so the worth of this to the crapshooter is $4,000/6.156 or around 64.98 cents. Shackleford added that as long as the shooter bets $45 on the pass line and nothing except the odds, the craps player will have an immense advantage.

Craps already hands players some of the most outstanding betting chances in a casino facility. Keeping close to the bet with the lowest advantage like the pass bet with probabilities and the come bet with probabilities or executing the six and eigth, can lengthen the life of a bankroll.


John O'Haver