Colorado Gears Up for Amendment 50 Implementation

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Colorado Gears Up for Amendment 50 Implementation

Beginning on July 2nd, 2009, the state of Colorado will join the likes of Las Vegas and Atlantic City in big leagues of casino gaming in terms of offering bigger betting limits, expanded gaming (adding the games of craps and roulette to the casinos' gaming line-up) and a twenty-four hour, seven days a week gaming operation that could attract new breed of players and a lot of brand new investments to Colorado.

State voters approved Amendment 50 last year as an option to improve and solidify financial support for the state community education system. But the expected advantages of the law they passed in November 2008 will extend to businesses in the state as well.

The approval of the amendment means that casino facilities in Colorado in its three gaming locations-Cripple Creek, Black Hawk and Central City-will be able to offer the new casino games for the first time as well as feature bigger limits (from $5 to $100) and open for the whole day, unlike now.

Casino establishments are preparing for the expected increases in players and earnings by hiring new employees and conducting free classes for anyone who wishes to learn craps and roulette. Central City is also expected to open new retail shops and even a new golf course and local businesses from bus companies to craps table manufacturers are hiring.


David M. Bedingfield