Charles Town Races and Slots to Hold Dealer Courses

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Charles Town Races and Slots to Hold Dealer Courses

Charles Town Races and Slots is hoping to begin offering casino table games like craps by mid-June 2010 now that state voters passed them by a 59% to 41% margin during special referendum on December 5th, 2009.

Al Britton, the general manager of Charles Town Races and Slots said they could now begin to deliver the promises that they have made during the casino table games proposal campaign and they look forward to the fun and challenge of doing that.

The racing track currently has about 1,200 employees and plans to hire an additional five hundred new employees to run the casino table games. About 350 of the new employment opportunities will be for casino dealers that are expected to make at least forty-five thousand dollars annually.

Britton said that the Blue Ridge Community and Technical College will offer dealer courses at the racing track to train the prospective casino dealer in each of the casino games. Britton said that Craps will be the longest of all the dealer courses at eight weeks, Blackjack will be a four week course as well as the other casino games.

Charles Town plans to schedule several job fairs to recruit prospective employees. It also plans to finish about thirty thousand square feet of additional space for the new casino table games.


David M. Bedingfield