The Black Dice Shows That Craps Is Unbeatable No More

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The Black Dice Shows That Craps Is Unbeatable No More

craps seemed unbeatable always and no one ever won this game on a consistent basis until now. But Craps is 'No longer deemed an unbeatable game.' Mark Cater reveals a technique on how to beat craps and win at it using a hedge betting arrangement he called The Iron Cross, which is shown in his book entitled "The Black Dice."

According to the book, it reduces the house expectation to a mere 6 combinations while increasing the players' expectation to 30 combinations, if properly implemented.

In order to move to the more advanced playing strategy using The Black Dice with one additional wager, the Iron Cross can be used as a medium that reduces the combinations of the dice even further for the house or can be played alone.

"The Hedge betting arrangement enables the players worldwide to gamble at craps with the most minimal lost rate ever. Literally, it gives a player a definite advantage over the casino. The evidence of The Black Dice places craps in the beatable game category, no longer deemed as an unbeatable game," Said Cater.

Since Edward O. Thorp published his book "Beat the Dealer" which showed readers how to win at the game of 21 with a single deck using Card Counting in 1962, no one has been able to accomplish such a feat-with Craps.


David M. Bedingfield