Craps News Archive | 09-2009

Craps News Archive | 10-2006

Colorado Gaming Results for the month of July 2009

Colorado gaming facilities achieved a 16% increase in their revenues for the month of July. The main reason for the improvement is the implementation of the Amendment 50 changes.

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Judge Susan Handy Dismisses Remaining Craps Cheating Charges Against Richard Taylor

Judge Susan Handy Dismisses the remaining charges against Richard Taylor on August 24th, 2009. Prosecutor Stephen Carney said that they are not anymore interested in pursuing it.

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Richard Taylor Protests Dismissal of Mohegan Craps Cheating Case Against Him

Richard Taylor protested the decision of prosecutor Stephen M. Carney to dismissed the Mohegan Sun craps cheating case against him. Taylor informed Judge Handy that he is willing to go trial.

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