Craps News Archive | 08-2009

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River City Offers Casino Dealer Classes for Craps, Blackjack, Roulette and Poker

River City is offering casino dealer classes for games like craps for interested individuals who want to have a career change. Craps classes will start in October 2009.

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New London Court Judge Schimelman Sentences Richard "Mr. Casino" Taylor for Craps Cheating Offense

Richard Taylor was sentenced to 13 years in prison with 3 years of suspended sentence because of his involvement with the Foxwoods craps scam. Taylor insisted that he is innocent of the charges.

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Judge Susan B. Handy Grants Richard "Mr. Casino" Taylors Request for a Speedy Trial

Judge Susan Handy approved Richard Taylors petition for a speedy trial on August 10th, 2009. Taylor will go back in court on August 24th to face a similar case.

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Colorado Casinos Prepares To Implement Amendment 50 Changes

Colorado casinos are preparing to implement the gaming changes allowed by the Amendment 50 on July 2nd, 2009. Some of those changes include offering the games of craps and roulette.

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Pennsylvania Studies Casino Table Games Expansion

Rep. DeWeese is proposing to allow gaming facilities in Pennsylvania to offer different casino games like craps. DeWeese said that the games can produce as much as $300 million dollars annually.

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Colorado Celebrates the Start of New Gaming Rules in the State

Gamers and Casino officials celebrated the beginning of the new rules in Colorado. Casinos are hoping that the new rules will help them survive in the tough economic conditions in the US.

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Dennis Kellam Advocates the Game of Craps in Colorado

Dennis Kellam believes that craps is the best casino game. He said that he hopes that a lot of Colorado players will love playing the game at casino facilities in the state.

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Richard Taylor Refuses to Divulge Financial Records

Richard Taylor refused to reveal his financial information to the state investigators. Judge Schimelman said that he cannot force Taylor to divulge his financial details.

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Judge Schimelman Sentences Richard Taylor 13 years in Prison For Craps Cheating Case

Judge Schimelman sentenced Richard Taylor 13 years in prison for his involvement in a craps scandal. He was also ordered to undergo gambling treatment and banned from playing in any casino and online.

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Colorado Casinos Experience Huge Traffic After Implementation of Amendment 50

Casino facilities in Colorado experienced a spike in gaming traffic after the enforcement of the Amendment 50 gaming changes. State voters approved the changes last November 2008.

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Bodog Casino Offers Hard Ways Dice Tournament for Craps Players

Bodog Casino is currently offering the Hard Ways Dice event for their craps enthusiasts. Aside from that, Bodog also offers a deposit bonus as well as numerous online casino games.

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New York Lottery Contemplates Placing Video Casino Games at Racing Tracks

The New York Lottery is planning to allow video games like craps at the states racing tracks. Lottery Director Bill Murray said that the plan do not need any new legislation.

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