24X7 Digital Launches Aw Craps! For iPhone and iPod Touch

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24X7 Digital Launches Aw Craps! For iPhone and iPod Touch

On April 7th, 2009, 24x7 digital recently announced the debut of Aw craps! 1.3, the newest version of the popular game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Made specifically to highlight the unique abilities and interface of the iPhone, Aw Craps! let players experience the excitement of the standard craps game.

Beginners and advance players alike will love and enjoy Aw Craps! because of its simplicity, ease of use and gaming layout. Aw Craps! was made to look like the standard casino game of craps. With simplicity of use in mind, the game offers one-of-a kind dice roll; the player controls the throw and helps set it apart from other variations of craps.

The manual throwing mode permits players to pick each dice throw and can help players learn the game especially beginners. The gaming chips and gaming area were constructed as big as possible to make controlling the game as simple as possible. A tap on any part of the table will immediately display important information about that part and any existing wagers in the area.

Version 1.3 offers players fifty-five different audio stick calls which are played after every throw. To place multiple wagers that are common in the game of craps, C, E, three-way craps, Horn wager, Inside-Outside-Across place wagers are now allowed. These are all multiple wagers compose of different single wagers. The chips are big enough to tap when picking them and once placed on the board, the chips shrink to fit the board.

Some of the bets supported in the game are pass line bet, pass line odds bet, don't pass and don't pass odds wager and others. In the Aw Craps! game, players can pick their chips and then tap an area of the board to place their wager on. If the area only accepts one type of wager, chips will just be place in another area automatically. A window will appear showing the wager choices. The game also offers feedback from the casino dealer like in actual casino game.

Just like informing an actual casino dealer, once the type of wager is chosen, Aw Craps! automatically moves the gaming chips to the appropriate area. If a wager with the wrong amount of chips is executed, there is also a "Dealer Says" feature where players can browse messages from the casino dealer. The game is also well executed that gives everything the player needs to become a full fledge expert. Players can see the odds wagers will pay and other information about present and available wagers.


John O'Haver